What is an Air Spring?

The air spring, which can be toroidal, cylindrical or conical, comprises a rubber-fabric casing with a high resistance to the air pressures involved.

What are the applications of an Air Spring?

Air springs are used as suspensions for buses, trucks and cars. They can also be used as an actuator in the industrial sector, e.g. for textile and paper processing machines, moulding presses and lifts for car-repair shops, as an alternative to conventional air and oil pistons.

What are the advantages of Air Springs?

Low weight, no maintenance, long life, ease of installation, small size, high comfort and smoothness of operation, safety, invariable suspension characteristics, static height independent of the load, no friction between moving parts.

How can I choose the correct Air Spring?

In the case of spare parts, just consult the catalogue and check the tables that compare the various manufacturers. In the case of a new installation, it is necessary instead to know the load to be lifted, the space that you have available and the required travel of the air spring.

Who should I turn to for the technical data?

Our technical department is available to provide advice in the case of replacements and projects involving new applications.

What precautions must be taken before using an Air Spring?

The air spring should never be inflated before it is secured in place. It should never be used without a load or deflated. Never exceed the minimum and maximum height. Do not twist the springs, and make sure there is sufficient clearance around the membrane to prevent this from getting scratched.

When should I replace an Air Spring?

An air spring must be replaced when there is an air leak or damage to a rubber membrane or its metal components, and when instability of the spring or vehicle is detected.

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