GART is aware that the Web is an important visibility window for getting acquainted and recognized. We've improved the website making it more effective and rich in useful information for current and potential customers.

In an era where technology has become a very important business support in many industries, Gart is turning to the online market with a new look, expanding the amount of information useful to current and potential customers. Gart is aware that, in the face of this constant evolution, the solution is to improve its presence on the Web: we did it thanks to the new website created by Studio Visuale of Mestre-Venezia. Collaboration between the two companies has created a web site that will continue to be developed over the next months to get more and more customers or prospects closer to the company, by interacting with GART digitally.
Customers can interface with both classic contact modes and at the same time keep up with GART evolutions and improvements simply by accessing online at . We will keep you updated on our activities!